• Visiting Balinese Traditional Market.
    We want to show you about the real Traditional Market, explain about rice, spicy, fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, Balinese offering and daily Balinese People activity.
  • Visiting Rice Field
    We would like to let you know about rice field in Bali, how to plant the rice until harvest, water system we call “Subak” as a society of Balinese local organization system.
  • Balinese House & Life Concept
    Our guide will be explain about the concept of Balinese Building, Life Rule inside of Traditional Family.
  • Making Offering and Philosophy of Canang Sari
    Making offering it’s one of our culture in Bali, we call Canang Sari, Full of life Philosophy, a symbol of thankfulness to the gods.
  • Cooking Class
    Detail explanation all of our ingredients, making Balinese traditional sauce we call Base Gede/Base Rajang, used as a base for many dishes and then enjoy all the food you make it.